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  • December 24, 2018

Acme Pest Solutions – Questions to Ask Pest Control in Milton Before You Hire Them

Acme Pest Solutions – Questions to Ask Pest Control in Milton Before You Hire Them

Having any kinds of pests in your Milton home calls for immediate action, but this is an area where hiring just anyone could mean the pests come back and cause more havoc on your home. If you’ve never experienced this kind of intruder on your home then you might not know what to look for in hiring a professional to remove these unwanted creatures from your home, and that’s totally normal. Here’s what you should ask any Mississauga pest removal service before hiring them.

How long have you been in business?

Companies that have been in business for longer in Milton will, likely, have more experience and knowledge supporting them. Since pest control is an area that every day homeowners likely don’t have expertise in, the more knowledge a company has the better for you as it will be more likely they can get rid of the issue the first time around.

Do you offer a written estimate or quote?

While estimates are often just guesswork, but it will at least give you some idea or framework as to the cost you’ll likely be paying to fix the problem. Pest control companies may run into other issues during their work in your home, but you can discuss how that will be handled while going over the quote. Companies that will provide you with a quote, and in writing that is, should give you some comfort in knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Are your technicians licensed, insured and bonded?

If the company you’re dealing with cannot answer this with a straightforward “Yes” then you should not deal with this company. Licensed employees mean they’ve taken formal education and training to execute the appropriate solution for your home. While working in your home, you hope no accidents happen, but you never know so a company that insures their employees will protect you against any liability should
anything happen while they’re fixing your pest issue. Further, employees that are bonded gives you a little more security and trust with them coming into your home.

How do you decide on what treatment is needed?

This can be a little tricky, and as a home owner you’re likely not an expert in determined what issues requires which treatment so you’re relying on a company to make the best choice for your home. In order to determine that the company you’ve hired knows what they’re doing, ask a lot of questions. Questions surrounding which kind of pests are in your home and if they’re common in the area, how serious the infestation is, how long they’ve (likely) been in your home and so on. The company you hire should be able to answer these questions honestly for you. Lastly ask if you’ll need multiple treatments, and how likely the pests are to come back. If the answers you get make you feel uneasy, or like they’re just saying what they think you’d like to hear then go with your gut. Hire the company in Milton you feel good about hiring, and the one you’re likely to trust to be in your home.

At Acme Pest Solutions, we encourage your questions and welcome you to contact us anytime!

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