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  • January 24, 2019

Signs you might have an unwanted rodent in your home

Signs you might have an unwanted rodent in your home


Mice may look cute. However, they are carriers of many diseases with a tendency to destroy things and leave your home looking like a mess. Keep mice away from your home to ensure your family’s well-being.

Here a few tell-tale signs you should watch out for to check if mice have invaded your home:


    1. Droppings – Droppings are a sure sign that rodents are present in your home. They can help you identify the type of rodent. Mouse droppings are about a quarter of an inch big and pointed on both ends.
    2. Urine odor – Rodent urine has a strong, unpleasant odor that can be easily detected and identified.
    3. Gnawed holes – Rodent teeth don’t stop growing. That is why they tend to keep gnawing on objects that can help grind down their teeth, such as plaster and wires. If you have noticed gnawed holes around your home, chances are that your home is infested with rodents.
    4. Nests – Mice tend to gather shredded paper, string and other pliable materials to build nests indoors. Chances of mice infesting your home are high if you have noticed any shredded odds and ends in your home.
    5. Noises at night – Rodents are nocturnal. If there are any in your home, you will probably hear them scurrying about.
    6. Pet behavior – Noticed any unusual behavior in your pets? This is because they probably noticed mice scurrying about in your home. Dogs especially tend to paw and bark near inaccessible corners, such as under the refrigerator, stoves or low-clearance furniture.

So, keep your home clean, safe and hygienic with Acme Pest Control. We are specialists in rodent control in Milton. We are armed and ready to help with an array of rodent control solutions, such as baits and traps. So speak with our experienced professionals for effective and complete pest control solutions today!

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